You Got Trouble!

Are you pursuing your dream! If you are, you got trouble coming your way. I’m not saying this to scare or discourage you, rather, I am saying this to prepare you for what is ahead. When we know what lies ahead we won’t be shaken when it happens. Everyone who chooses to pursue their dream will eventually encounter many forms of difficultly which will either build our character or make us give up. I have listened to a few motivational speakers Les Brown, Zig Ziglar, Tony Robbins, and Joyce Meyer to name a few, share about their difficulties on the path to success. So, I am not surprised when Murphy’s Law comes to visit me. I’m mentally prepared for the unexpected.

In February, I received a job offer for 7 days work that would net about $1,200. I accepted the offer. I really needed the money to buy myself a laptop and other office equipment to get up and running with my online business. Funding both my living expenses and business from one source of income makes my budget very tight. The contact person didn’t call on the agreed-upon date. I called the contact person for 2 weeks and they would not answer the phone nor return my calls. In my mind, I said to myself. “Don’t get stuck, keep it moving.”

Also, in February, I rented a room in a shared living house. The owner of the house learned about my online business, and she came to me and said she needed someone with my knowledge to partnered up with, to help her build her real estate business. We made an agreement to become partners and a plan. I began doing my work to lead us down the road to success. I did a lot of work for this person for free and I shared my contacts and resources with this person. Also, this person loaned me a laptop so that I could do the work that we needed to do.

After working for free for a month and getting many things accomplished that she didn’t know how to do, she came to me and said that she was changing directions and no longer desired to be partners. I was shocked! I recovered my wits very quickly and began working on my own business. I shared with the lady that I had gotten orders to build 2 websites, create 2 logos, and to form an LLC for a customer. To my surprise, the lady asked me to give her back the laptop. Actually, the lady became very rude to me. I broke ties with this person and began looking to relocate.

Good news! My wife, that I had been separated from for 2 years, called me and said she wants to renew our marriage. GREAT! My wife lives in Iowa, so it was decided that I will leave Las Vegas and move to Iowa. I buy a plane ticket to leave on March 19th. Day before departure I get a text that all flights to Iowa have been canceled indefinitely due to the Corona Virus. The ticketing agency would not answer my phone calls for a refund. (I am disputing the transaction so that I can receive a refund.) I scramble and book another flight for the next day. On the way to the airport the flight is canceled and I was rebooked. This happened two more times that day. I finally got a flight out to Iowa after being in the airport for 18 hours.

Thankfully I can now say that I am happily reunited with my wife, I have acquired my office equipment, and I’m back online with Wealth Affiliates. This is my first post since these events began in mid-February. I am sharing this because all of these occurrences could have been a reason to just give up, but I always remember what my high school football coach used to say “A winner never quits, and a quitter never wins.” So, when adversity comes my way I remember that “It’s Part of the Game.

The message in this post is we are going to experience adversity in the pursuit of our dreams. Try not to get discouraged and definitely don’t give up. It’s all a part of the process of who we are becoming in the pursuit of our dream. One of the best audiobooks that I have ever listened to which really illustrates what I am saying is “The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.” Enjoy your journey.

PS. I wrote this post Tuesday and before I could publish my internet went down until today. lol!

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