The New Employee

Technology is advancing so rapidly that humans can’t keep up. I watched a documentary this past weekend which amazed me. I thought that America was the most advanced society in the world, but that belief was shattered after watching this documentary. The technology that is being used today blew me away. Robots and Artificial Intelligence are the new employee.

Technology can do in a little time what it takes many humans to do in twice the time and they are more cost-effective. Robots and AI  dare at work on time, don’t need breaks, they don’t get sick, they don’t need health insurance, they and they don’t take vacation time. These are a few of the reasons that large companies are moving in the directions of automation.

Can you imagine a world that does not use currency or coins? Well, it exists today in China. China has literally replaced money with technology. Take a look at this snippet: “Cashless Society“. This new innovation coupled with direct deposit almost removes the need for bank tellers. (Loss jobs in the banking industry.)

Another scientific knowledge that is being used in a certain circle of industry is facial recognition is now commonplace in Beijing, Shanghai, and many other cities and towns in China. This industrial science has created what the Chinese call “Employee-less Stores

This automated society is slowly creeping it’s way to the western worlds as I previously shared in an article titled “New World Order.” The industrial age is over and the technology/information is in full swing. Most of the world’s population is going through their day-to-day routine totally unaware of how their lives are about to be changed and drastic change it will be.

Anyone who is not exploring means of creating an income via the internet will be devastated when this new reality lands on their doorstep. Many will be blindsided when robots take away their livelihood, but the entrepreneurs will consider this revolution a blessing and will take advantage of the unlimited potential of the internet.

At present, the internet is likened to the”Wild Wild West”. Almost any type of business that one can conceive can be turned into a profitable business with unlimited income potential. Many people today are writing their own paycheck and living the lifestyle of their dreams. With some training/education almost anyone can create almost any business one can think of via technology. Almost all of my computer and internet understanding has been self-taught and is now becoming profitable.

Virus COVID-19 has painfully made the world aware that this is a new day in business and it will not go back to the way it was. While listening to the Bloomberg news, an analyst said: “many of the jobs that have been lost due to the virus will not be coming back at all.” People that can no longer work in factories and offices will have to seek an alternative means of income!

I and many others were fortunate to see the employment tsunami coming and took evasive action by exploring internet employment. I believe that now is the perfect time to begin shifting from company employment to self-employment. Seeing now that no job is for sure or secure, but the internet and internet employ is here now and here to stay. Now is the time to put those thoughts and ideas to work for yourself and make your own security.

There are plenty of opportunities for creating internet income. Actually there are more internet opportunities than are job opportunities. (read internet economy) Almost every industry is finding it more beneficial to have its employees telecommute. Survey takers, shopping, marketing, advertising, small assembly, and the list goes on. Almost anything can be accomplished from the comfort of home and the income potential much greater than the traditional 9-5 job.

If you are seriously reviewing your employment condition and feel that now is the time to change directions, sit down with pen and paper and write down what you would like to do to earn an income. Next, begin an internet search to see if that passion can create a profit. The next step will be to examine how can you make it work for you. Explore your options for creating an income-producing internet business for yourself. Until next week be safe





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