The Mental Game

When I started on this journey of online entrepreneurship I was very unaware of all that comes along with this adventure. In the beginning, I thought (like many other people) that all I had to do was build a nice website with a good product and I would earn a lot of money. Boy was I naive! Every time that I made progress I realized there was more for me to learn, not to mention that I knew nothing about the mental game that goes along with self-employment. I have encountered many others that were just as unaware as myself, including family members.

Along with the technical challenges that I faced it is the mental preparation that I want to talk about in this post. If you read my “About Me” page on my website, I discuss how I learned that successful people have coaches or mentors. I looked for a Life Coach but the fee charged was beyond my means. I had to take the approach that Tony Robbins used which was to read and learn by trial and error.

See, I was not aware of the problems that come along with being an entrepreneur. People that I thought would support me tried to discourage me (including family). When I worked hard on learning something that I needed to know for the business and it didn’t turn out right people would say they will help and didn’t show and left me hanging. I finally built my website and no one was coming to my store. Then I learn that my website was likened to an ice water stand in the middle of the Sahara Desert, nobody knew it was there. Now how do I get people to visit my website? Through advertising and marketing. Unfortunately, I knew nothing about advertising and marketing.  The list of things that didn’t go as planned is unlimited.

So, how do I deal with all these daily frustrations? How do I stay motivated when I get knocked down by situations? What is it that will make me get back in the game when in reality I want to hide under the bed? This is when The Universe introduced me to the mental game. As I began to watch YouTube videos of Motivational Speakers, they explained about the mental preparation that is part of the game of entrepreneurship. I listened to and still listen to certain Motivational Speakers to this day. They share the struggles and challenges that they encountered on their climb towards their goal. They all say the path is the same for everyone but we encounter our individual troubles which encourage mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. “The Alchemist” is a great book that tells this story.

Who would think that self-evaluation, midset development, and attitude, and belief examination would have anything to do with building a successful business. I like the way that it is said in “The Alchemist” “before we are given our treasure we are severely tested by The Soul of the World.” This is why we have to prepare ourselves for the mental game. A family member of mine, thought as I did, that all he needed to do was build a website and he would get rich. When things didn’t work out to his thinking he quit. Another family member desired to open an auto mechanic shop. He encountered his first test and he folded his tent and went back home.

To be successful and achieve my dream I have to be patient, persistent and have a positive attitude. (Les Brown) I have found that to be the truth. I have had difficulties that would have caused many others to give up, but I want my dream so badly that I refuse to give up. I am constantly encountering problems, but instead of focusing on the problem I search for solutions, and they eventually come. When I don’t have the resources to accomplish my immediate goal I focus on the resources that I have and figure out a way to make them work. This is what is meant when professional athletes talk about the “Mental Game.” Zig Ziglar said it this way “You have to have the will to win, you have to prepare to win, and then you must expect to win.” 

I read 1 hour per day about personal development. I listen to motivational speakers 1 hour per day for identificational purposes so that I know that I am not the only person things happen to, and what to do when these things happen. I spend 1 hour per day connecting with the Universe. These are some of the things that I do to prepare myself for the unexpected, then when the unexpected happens I am not rattled or become fearful, doubtful, or ready to quit.

Pregame preparation is the most important thing that we can do. I love sports and I have heard many athletes say that 90% of the game is mental. If this is the case I feel I need to spend 90% of my time preparing mentally to win. I believe that if I am mentally prepared there is nothing that I can’t do and there is nothing or no one that can beat me. With patients, persistence, and a positive attitude I can expect to win.

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