The current analysis reveals how robots are replacing many humans, especially in their employment. The corona-virus pandemic has accelerated the process. We can now see a change in consumer preference. COVID-19 has really opened up new opportunities for automation.

Robots are replacing the roles of workers because of the pandemic. There are companies large and small thinking of expanding their use of robots. This will result in maintaining social distancing along with reducing the spread of COVID-19. Robots are now being used in almost every aspect of society. COVID-19 has accelerated the use of robots. Here is an article by Newsy…watch


You may or may not know that robots are being used in the healthcare industry. Now, robots are being used as nursing assistants. Robotics in healthcare is in the early stages of development but they are definitely here to stay.

In some of the developed countries, robots are being used as aids to nurses in order to care for patients. Robots are being used to care for the elderly for video conferencing, and also they remind the patient when it is time for their medication. Also, robots help to improve the mental stress of a patient and improve relaxation.  These robots motivate patients to improve socialization which improves overall health.


Delivery robots are becoming the norm in western civilization. While everyone is facing lockdown issues robots are delivering food, books, and packages to consumers. Without any assistance, robots can drive to your home, unload another robot that will walk to your door, and deliver packages to your home.

Robotics is appealing more and more to employers because they do not have to social distance, they don’t need time off, nor do robots need healthcare. In the long term, employers see robotics as a very good investment for their company.


Robots are being used as traffic constables. They are more efficient than humans. They observe traffic and noise and can give recommendations for traffic problems better than human constables. Along with monitoring traffic, these robots can be used as warning systems.

Drones are being used in the fight against the coronavirus. These robots are used to disinfect and sanitize public areas. Drones are helping businesses to identify the people who have high body temperature or any kind of coronavirus related symptoms.

Robots are being used in almost every aspect of our society. This is covered in the article “The New Employee”…read


Automation is infiltrating every aspect of society and the business world. Enjoy this short video which mastery explains how technology is replacing humans.


Robots and Artificial Intelligence will be the norm in the years to come. But remember that there is no bigger brain than a human one so we should take advantage of technology. Instead of depending on technology, we should learn how to use tech to our advantage. If we re-educate ourselves and hone our technical skills we will be ahead of the technology curve and be able to use tech to create our income and future. Take this to heart, technology is here and here to stay, so use it and not be used by it. Until next time be safe, healthy, and prosperous.

Muneeba Sehar and Derrick Daniels


  1. Interesting article. I really believe that robots are a great help to the 21st century. They have come to stay and can often work more efficiently than we can.
    I think the important thing is to accompany this change and not want to fight against it. We can use this time to focus on more creative tasks. Being able to create new ideas and new technologies.

    In fact, I think that this automation was the one that freed us from the repetitive tasks of the last century and we will come to work more in the generation of ideas.

    Of course, there is the other side of the coin, which is the exaggeration of the “improper” use of leisure.

    Unfortunately the new generations have been born with an exaggerated leisure, and have not been educated to take advantage of this free time, and learn to create.

    I believe that robots and automation are a great achievement of humanity. As long as you help us to become more creative. And not mere spectators of what is happening around us, losing all capacity for creativity.

    Hopefully we can better use this time that technology gives us.

    Thanks for the contribution

    1. Derrick Daniels

      Jason, good observation. I know that tech is here to help us! I do believe that we are in a very unique ara where we can use our creativity in so many ways and creativity will be the way to make an income. 

      Unfortunately for the new generation, too many (including my son) have opted to the side of leisure and deciding to do nothing with their time and will go hungry. But for those that decide to get busy learning and applying that knowledge to their dreams and passions will do very well.

  2. I see automation enhancing the possibility for us as a collective to realize our fullest creative and inspired potential.  My vision is for all humans, including those who lose their job to automation, is to find within themselves, the inspiration and courage to act on something passionate to them because now, they do not have to go to a job; trading their time for fiat currency.  Instead, we focus on our gifts and talents and inspirations with an abundance mindset and I believe in doing so, we find ourselves experiencing life in a much richer way than we had previously.  I see a future with a great deal of automation.  We as humans can make that a beautiful thing.  Thank you for this analysis.

    1. Derrick Daniels

      Hello and thank you for taking time to read the article. I agree with you 100% that automation will give humans more time to pursue their abilities and passions to create an income. This issue was written about in a book called “Celestine Prophecy.” Yes, humans should embrace technology and learn to use it, but for my age bracket, many are tech-illiterate and afraid to learn something new.

      Everyone who chooses to learn and use technology and use it to create an income will benefit greatly. Good luck to you and your business.

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