Preparing To Win!

I am a bona fide sports person. When I was younger I played basketball and I continued to play well into my 40s. When watching TV 90% of the time I’m watching professional sports (especially boxing). I had a taste of what it takes to be an exceptional athlete. It takes a lot of preparation to play sports at an advanced level and to become a winner you must prepare to win.

All successful people understand that it is what you do before the game that determines how well you will do and how far you will advance in the game. All successful people know that to become exceptional in an endeavor there must be much practice/preparation before you become great. I take this same attitude into the business world. I don’t want to be average at anything that I do. My attitude has always been to be above average, be the best that I can be.

Without preparation, the chances of being a winner at the higher levels probably won’t happen. One of the greatest boxers of all time, Muhammad Ali, spent many hours running and learning how to box before he ever put one foot into the boxing ring. He had to learn how to throw a punch, footwork, how to slip a punch, and on and on. It took years of preparation before he became Heavyweight Champion of the World. So it is with us also.

Many people come into the business world for the first time desiring to become rich overnight and there are a lot of people selling overnight success programs. Many people are sucked into the instant gratification lure and lose their money then become disenchanted with the self-employment idea and quit. I know this to be true because it happened to a few of my family members. Success didn’t happen overnight, they encountered difficulty and they quit.

Fortunately for me, I started following successful people who are doing what I want to do on the success level in which I want to be. These people have integrity and were honest enough to say that it took them years to ascend to the heights in which they are. It took a lot of preparation to become as skilled as they are. It wasn’t trial and error but rather a lot of training/preparedness to become a professional.

I learned that I don’t have to reinvent the wheel, so to speak, but to follow people that are doing what I want to do, I listen to what they have to say, and I do what they have done to get to the level in which they are. I see that people have trod the path that I am traveling and have cleared away most of the debris from the road, so if I walk in their footsteps I won’t have as many difficulties. (Everyone must have some difficulties in order to grow)

I have learned also, that all of the really successful people have a personal development plan they follow daily. At this time I want to share my daily personal development plan with you. Immediately upon awakening, I listen to a motivational speaker sharing their story about their challenges and struggles, the character changes they had to make, and the mental obstacles they had to overcome. I have prayer and guided meditation. I write what I am grateful for today, I write my goals for the day. Instead of having a vision board, I created a vision video that I watch every day. I have a certain book that I read from (Proverbs) then I start working on my business affairs. I have an hour for reading, (spiritual adventure stories) I have business training for one hour, and at the end of my day I review my goals to see what I have accomplished for the day and I journal.

By preparing my mind at the beginning of the day I am ready for any situation that pops-up. (Situations sometimes pop-up) Setting goals give me a clear direction for the day, and I can see at the end of the day how much progress I have made, and what I need to do the next day to keep moving forward. The two hours of reading increases my knowledge and personal growth. So, with the routine that I follow, I know that I am preparing myself for the success that I seek and which must come. “If you have the will to win, prepare to win, then you can expect to win.” ∼Zig Ziglar∼

So, you see winning is not something that happens to a few lucky people but rather something that can be achieved by anyone who prepares themself to win. Figure out what it is that you want, find people that are doing it at the level that you want to achieve, prepare to win, and become the winner you wish to be. Until next week may you be healthy and prosperous.


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