Have A Plan

When a person decides to take a vacation a lot of planning takes place to make this journey happen. First out most of us set-up a vacation savings. Based upon the estimated savings you determine a place that you always wanted to visit and is within the budget. After you determine where you are going based on the budget. You figure out how you are going to travel to your destination, where you are going to stay, how much you can spend on dining, what activities you will participate in etc. As you see there is a lot of planning that goes into taking a vacation. So, why is it that we don’t exercise the same kind of planning for the most important journey that everyone will ever take, the journey of life.

Most people graduate from school and do what everyone else does, which is to find a job and go to work. Most times many of us work at jobs that we really do not like. Many people never examine their passions in order to decide what discipline to pursue and build a future for themselves around what they love. It is proven that when people do what they love to do they never view it as work. People are happier, more fulfilled, and excited about going to work every day, or building a business and serving the public when they are doing what we love to do.

If people want to live better lives, which is what I think most people want, we must spend time with the most important person to us, our self. We must find our passions and loves and pursue making a living based on the answers to those two questions. After you, I identify what it is that you love then you can build a bridge from where you are to where you want to be.

I know that if you plan your life as if you were planning a vacation, you would plan to do something that you are really passionate about doing, which would feel more like play than work. That is goal setting. You could then build a bridge from where you are to where you want to go. You would feel more excited, fulfilled, and satisfied with your day to day walk through this journey that we all must take called life. Plan your life, enjoy the journey, and you will have a great future.

2 thoughts on “Have A Plan”

  1. This is a amazing post, i totally agree if we are not doing what we a passionate about we are selling our self short.
    It is true what you say if we love what we are doing it is no longer work, this is what everyone should be striving for in life
    Life is to short to be stuck where you don’t want to be, get out and take the risk to be who you want to be


    1. Thank you for your comment Ross. It has taken me some time to figure it out, but now that I know I will not waste a single minute doing something that I don’t like doing. Thanks man.

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