Becoming An Online Entrepreneur

Today many millions of people are seeking to become Online Entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, COVID-19 along with massive global unemployment many people have been pushed in this direction. The good news is there are unlimited opportunities in the online market arena.

ONLINE ENTREPRENEUR IDEAS                                                                                                  Almost anything and everything is now done, sold, or accomplished on the internet. We shop, bank, give and receive services online, and we have meetings from business to church online. Almost any idea that can be conceived can be performed online. So, the point that I am attempting to get across is that online entrepreneur ideas are unlimited. Here are a few examples of internet/online ideas:

  • Listicle Blog
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Amazon FBA Business
  • Buy and Sell Domains
  • Ecommerce Store

All these companies were someones’ idea which they turned the idea into a thriving online company. No idea is too ridiculous to become a reality.

HOME BASED BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES                                                                                    I want to clarify that I use the terms online entrepreneur and home-based business interchangeably. For me personally the two terms are one and the same. If you google home-based business opportunities most likely you will be clicking links for hours. When I googled “Top Ten Home-Based Business Opportunities” there are a few on the list that I wasn’t aware existed. What I really want to say is there is an abundance of opportunities to start and grow your own home-based business.

HOME-BASED BUSINESS LICENSE                                                                                                  A frequently asked question is “Do you need a license to have a home-based business?” The answer is YES. Any type of business, including home-based businesses, must obtain a local city or county business license. Depending on the type of business you might need additional licensing such as sales and tax permits etc. In a few states and counties, no license is required but do your due diligence. The cost of a business license will vary from state to state but I have found that licensing is reasonable.

HOME-BASED BUSINESS TAX WRITE OFFS                                                                                    Having a home-based business does have it’s advantages. There are some taxes that can be written off to keep more of your money in your pocket. Small Business Taxes lists 35 Definitive Home Business Tax Deductions that can be advantageous. I have found for my self that working from my home has put more money in my pocket than working for a company. Things such as home insurance that I must pay anyway now becomes a tax write off and this is just one example. So, the home-based business has more than an opportunity for freedom but also a real tax advantage.

CONCLUSION                                                                                                                                   In this time of job insecurity many people are seeking online entrepreneurship as an answer to financial security. The opportunities offered online are as limited as one’s imagination. Quoting the motivational speaker Napoleon Hill from his book Think and Grow Rich “Whatever the mind can conceive the mind can achieve.” Today many people are conceiving and achieving successful online businesses. Online business and/or home-based businesses have benefits tied to them such as tax benefits. Based on the world’s employment crisis and COVID-19 online entrepreneurship is the future of the world’s economy. Until next week I wish you health and prosperity.


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