A New Long Distance Truck Driver

Automation is quickly taking over our global society. Now, technology is replacing the old human truck driver with the “A New Long Distance Truck Driver.” This is already in full swing and is primed and ready to begin right here in the US in the state of Texas.

Embark and Kodiak Robotics have tested the technology and has acquired the contracts to move freight in the Southwestern US. This is not something that is happening in the future, it is happening right now! An article written in Forbes magazine by Alan Ohnsman titled: “Self-Driving Startup Embark Raises $70 Million, Opens Freight Transfer Hubs For Robot Big Rigs.” In another article in Wired, there are many companies jockeying for contract opportunities in the “Self Driving Truck” business.

According to the estimation of the American Trucking Association, there are 3.5 million professional truck drivers in the US. When these driver-less trucks become fully operational (within the next few years), there will be 100,000’s lost truck driving jobs. Men and women accustomed to earning high 5 to 6 digit incomes are going to find themselves unemployed. This rapid technology transition is converging in all sectors of the employment industry. There will not be an industry untouched.

Now is the time for investigating different avenues to create one’s income, wealth, and retirement. The only way that a person can’t see what’s coming is if they are not paying attention. The traditional job which leads to retirement is slowly dissipating. I would even venture to say that it is already gone! Anyone that is not investigating other means of creating an income is already “left behind.” This point is laid out masterfully in the video “Humans Need Not Apply.”

The world has been moving in the direction of automation since the 1980s and this COVID-19 (Corona Virus) has accelerated the move. The entire world now knows that we as people have to find a new way to interact with one another without spreading this nasty virus, and until there is some form of cure we as a people can’t afford close contact. This is the perfect stag to initialize the automation takeover. Many people that are laid-off are probably unaware they will never be returning to their jobs again.

The new digital economy is likened to the internet in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Many people heard about it. Very few knew how to use it, but there it was, ripe for the pickings for those who took the time to learn about it and how to use it to their benefit. So goes internet income creation. Most people are hearing about it and most people don’t know how to take advantage of it but here it is.

There is an unlimited opportunity by creating a home-based business via the internet. Almost anything that a person can think of is a possible way of creating an income via the internet. Every industry known to man is using the internet to conduct business. It’s just a small matter of thinking of how can I use the internet and industry to create an income for myself and my family. Not only are people creating income security people are also creating wealth! Many people are realizing their dreams by taking their ideals or the ideals of others and using those ideas to create income and wealth to realize their dreams.

No one has to be left behind. Internet income and financial independence are broad and roomy. There are enough products and services to offer to 7 billion potential customers worldwide. There are 209.5 million shoppers on the internet everyday browsing prices and making purchases. This figure is projected to increase to 230 million in the US by the year 2021. As you can see there is enough pie for everyone to have a slice. There are many opportunities to explore and ensure that you will be able to provide for the needs of yourself and your family, so seek your opportunity while internet income creation is still in its infancy. Good luck and may you be blessed with prosperity.


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